Automatic CNC Lathes

LOGO_2129 CNC Multi-Slide Automatic Lathe (LNT-36S, LNT-42S, LNT-51S, LNT-65S)

The LICO LNT Series Automatics are specially designed for metalworking industries such as for aviation, vehicles, computers, plumbing fittings, optical instruments and many others.
It is ideal for machining all kinds of materials, ranging from aluminum, brass, steels, high alloy steels to stainless steels.cnc-multi-slide-automatics-lnt-36s__thumb__9

  • Extra wide span between Z-axis linear ways with full travel
    support largely increases machining stability and accuracy.
  • X2 Z2, X3 Z3, X4 Z4 ball screws are directly driven by
    Siemens servomotors.
  • Precision linear guideways on Z1axis.
  • Automatic lubrication to all slideways.



CNC Multi-Slide Aytomatics LNT D-SERIES (LNT-36D, LNT-42D, LNT-51D, LNT-65D)

The Newest Generation of Automatic Bar Machines

The LNT cnc-multi-slide-aytomatics-lnt-36d__thumb__10D-SERIES automatics lathe are designed for the metalworking sector. It has been asapted by various industries such as aviation, vehicles, computers, plumbing fittings, optical instruments and others. With much wider materials choice, not only free cutting steel, brass, aluminum, but also alloy steel, stainless steel can be machined.

The machine comprises 4 X-Z-Axis compound slides and a non-driven (8ST) 8-pos. turret on X-Z-Axis compound slide. They permit longitudinal turning, complex contouring, thead chasing, by simple carbide inserted tools for O.D. work as well as drilling, boring, threading, recessing and tapping for I.D. conventional form tool can be used.



CNC Multi-Slide Automatics LNA-36T, LNA-42T (LNA-36T, LNA-42T)

The Simple CNC MultiSlide Automatics models LNA36/42 T-SERIES. They combine the advantages of conventional ccnc-multi-slide-automatics-lna-36t__i1l_1__8am-operated automatic lathes with modern multi-axis CNC controller and common CNC programming, provides fast set up and easy operation for both experienced operators and new comers.

1. Gang slide X/Z Slide with Linear Guide Way.
2.Compound slides designed with dovetail slide.
3. Equipped with F-type collet chuck.
4. Wide application:  aviation, vehicles, computers,
plumbing fittings, optical instruments..etc. Available
for materials like cutting steel, brass, aluminum, but also
alloy steel, stainless steel and so on.


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