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Incorporated in 1993, Aberlink has an impressive record of growth founded on innovation. This has been the background for all their patent protected product development over the last 24 years with the tagline ‘Innovative Metrology’ firmly at the heart of the company’s philosophy.
Aberlink’s products and services provide customers with remarkable value for money. All assembly of the machines is performed on-site in Gloucestershire, where the software is also written in-house.

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Twin Spindle Automated Turning Technology in chuck sizes 4″ to 15″. Murata’s solutions include Process Engineering, Automation, Turnkeys and Project Management. Murata’s Turning division offers an extensive line of CNC turning machines, including horizontal twin spindle chuckers, single spindle chuckers, twin opposing spindle lathes and shaft turning lathes. Live tooling is available for all machine types. Murata’s automated turning machines are equipped with an automated parts loading and unloading gantry robotic system.

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ntelligent Series from 1 – series to MiniMax I-series and S series from Quicktech this year are being seen an advanced innovation in automation industry. Combined more unique and reliable design create the greater value and performance. These universal turning and millin complex machines open a new area of precision and reliability in woorkshops. They are ideal for producing complicated, small and single parts in high production demands.

Every second counts and we hope your new series can satisfy all application needs and offers the perfect solution for various bar mass production.

  • Flexible gantry type tooling system
  • Mitsubishi M70 high-end controller
  • Live tools with powerful motor
  • 25 bar coolant pressure
  • Free angle B axis 360 degree for all the angular tapping and drilling for some specific models.

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