LNTS Series – 11-Axis Multi-Slide CNC Screw Machines

Choose from a package of different configurations

LICO LNTS Series – 11-Axis Multi-Slide CNC Screw Machines

Use up to 5 tools in the cut simultaneously!

The LICO LNTS Series multi-slide CNC screw machines are ruggedly built and capable of form tool use with each slide having a full 2-axis servo-controlled travel. The LNTS, with 3 or 4 multi-axis slides and an 8-position turret, can overlap up to 5 tools at once.

For medium to complex parts, it can match the speed of cam machines; however the benefits do not end there. A turret-mounted pickoff counter-spindle is standard and the base machine comes with a gang platform supporting 3 backworking tools. The LNTS series offers an optional, 8-position static backworking turret.

Each main turret position accepts VDI-30 live tooling with four live tool holders being standard. With spindle sizes ranging from 36mm (1.4”) to 65mm (2.55”), these machines cover a wide range of applications, plus an additional model that is equipped with a Y-axis gang tooled cross-slide for both static and live tools.

The LNTS comes standard with a 1,000 PSI high pressure oil/water coolant pump.

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Item / ModelLNT36SLNT42SLNT51SLNT65S
Bar Capacity ∅ Thru Bore36 mm (1.42″)42 mm (1.65″)51 mm (2.00″)65 mm (2.56″)
Max Turning Length130 mm (5.12″)130 mm (5.12″)130 mm (5.12″)130 mm (5.12″)
Spindle Center Height (approx.)1,000 mm (40″)1,000 mm (40″)1,000 mm (40″)1,000 mm (40″)
Collet Chuck TypeF42 (36 mm)B42 (42 mm)F58 (51 mm)B65 (65 mm)
Motor Power (Continuous)15 kW (20 HP)15 kW (20 HP)20 kW (27 HP)20 kW (27 HP)
Max. Spindle Speed6,000 RPM5,000 RPM4,500 RPM4,000 RPM
Cross Slide
X-Axis Travel (standard)70 mm (2.76″)70 mm (2.76″)70 mm (2.76″)70 mm (2.76″)
X-Axis Travel (ext. opt.)110 mm (4.33″)110 mm (4.33″)110 mm (4.33″)110 mm (4.33″)
Z-Axis Travel115 mm (4.53″)115 mm (4.53″)115 mm (4.53″)115 mm (4.53″)
Rapid Traverse15 meters/min. (590″/min.)
Max. Feed Rate5 meters/min. (197″/min.)
Resolution0.001 mm (0.0001″)
Turret Slide
Tool Positions8888
Tool Shank TypeVDI-30 x 55VDI-30 x 55VDI-30 x 55VDI-30 x 55
X-Axis Travel160 mm (6.3″)160 mm (6.3″)160 mm (6.3″)160 mm (6.3″)
Z-Axis Travel500 mm (19.7″)500 mm (19.7″)500 mm (19.7″)500 mm (19.7″)
Turning Tool Section20 mm sq. (3.4″ sq.)
Indexing Time0.28 sec. / 180° – 0.6 sec.
Subspindle (standard)
Collet Chuck TypeTNS42TNS42TNS42TNS42
Power5 HP5 HP5 HP5 HP
Max. Speed3,000 RPM3,000 RPM3,000 RPM3,000 RPM
Dimensions (LxWxH)2804 x 1848 x 1935 mm (110″ x 72″ x 76″)
Weight3,200 kg (7,040 lbs)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity30 L (8 gallons)30 L (8 gallons)30 L (8 gallons)30 L (8 gallons)
Hydraulic Pump Motor1 kW (1.3 HP)1 kW (1.3 HP)1 kW (1.3 HP)1 kW (1.3 HP)
Coolant Tank Capacity200 L (53 gallons)200 L (53 gallons)200 L (53 gallons)200 L (53 gallons)
Flood Coolant Motor0.75 kW (1 HP)0.75 kW (1 HP)0.75 kW (1 HP)0.75 kW (1 HP)
High Pressure Coolant Motor2.2 kW (3 HP)2.2 kW (3 HP)2.2 kW (3 HP)2.2 kW (3 HP)
High Pressure Coolant Flow18 L/min. @ 70 kg/cm2 (5 gal/min. @ 1,000 PSI)
Lubrication Capacity2 L / 10 sec. (10 cc / 10 sec.)
Total Power Used*25 kVA25 kVA30 kVA30 kVA
Standard Equipment
  • 8-position, 2-axis VDI-30 live tool turret (3000 rpm)
  • Three, 2-axis cross slides (dove tail & gib design)
  • Pick-off device / sub-spindle on live turret (3000 rpm)
  • Main Spindle-collet system
  • 48-position spindle dividing system
  • 1000 psi high pressure oil/water coolant pump
  • Part conveyor and part catcher
  • Chip conveyor with chip cart
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Gang tool platform for back machining
  • Set of tool holders for cross slides, VDI-30 turrets, and rear gang platform (includes 2 live radial & axial tools)
  • Tool box with custom hand tools and spare parts
  • Control cabinet air conditioner
  • Safety interlocked sliding front door
Optional Accessories
Controls Options
  • Siemens 840D Solution Line (standard)
  • Fanuc 31i
  • Mitsubishi 730VS
Other Options
  • Additional 2-axis cross slide (four total)
  • 8-position, static VDI-30 turret for back machining (live or non-live tools)
  • 2nd 8-position, 2-axis VDI-30 tool turret (non-live)
  • 3-axis (XYZ) cross-slide gang tool slide (8 live tools, 4 static)
  • Oil mist collector
  • Main Spindle Chuck
  • Auxiliary live tool units (air, hydraulic, or servo driven)
  • Automatic bar loader
  • 4” 3-jaw chuck sub-spindle on live turret
  • Polygon turning tool

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