Precihole BRM Series – Broach Rifling Machines

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Precihole BRM Series – Broach Rifling Machines

Large Artillery Barrel Solutions

Precihole is proud to be in a very small elite group of machine manufacturers in the world that can provide a broach rifling machine for large caliber weapon systems. Broach rifling creates spiral grooves in the barrel by removing steel using a hook cutter.

The linear and rotary motion of the hook cutter are precision controlled for accuracy using a servo drive and ball screw or rack and pinion mechanism. The broach cutters are progressive in size and each cutter cuts a size slightly bigger than the previous one. The fine filtration system on the machine ensures that the system gets coolant at requires rates and the swarf is evacuated properly from the barrel.

Machine features:
  • Use of ball screw or precision rack and pinion and servo drives for reciprocating linear motion
  • Precision interpolation and control of linear and rotary axes of the spindle
  • Special fixturing for quick component location and clamping
  • 10 micron fine coolant filtration system
  • Mitsubishi / Siemens PLC controls with touch screen HMI
  • User friendly screens and simplified machine operation

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Item/Model BRM40 BRM200
Rifling Diameter Size Range .78″ – 1.57″ 1.5″ – 8″
Number of Spindles 1 1
Max. Rifling Depth 40″ – 100″ 80″ – 400″
Barrel OD Range 2″ – 4″ 4″ – 16″
Barrel Clamping System 3-Jaw Self Centering Chuck 3-Jaw Self Centering Chuck
Max. Component Weight 220 lbs. 22,000 lbs.
Rifling Feed Range 0 – 275″/min. 0 – 275″/min.
Rifling Pull Force (Tons) 10 30
Twist Rate Left or Right Handed Left or Right Handed
Progressive Twist Programmable Programmable

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