Precihole BRVN Series – Button Rifling Machines

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Precihole BRVN Series – Button Rifling Machines

Precihole Button Rifling Machines incorporate the latest features to form precision grooves in small caliber weapon systems. The rifling button is pulled and rotated precisely through the barrel. Precision in rifling is critical. The machine uses anti-backlash helical guides and rotary encoder to interpolate linear and rotary motion. This produces rifling twists exactly as needed by the rifling tool. Machine features include load monitoring that graphs the rifling pull load on the HMI. Operator can monitor the rifling operation on screen, output to printer or storage disk if required.

Machine features:
  • Use of hydraulic cylinder and servo drives for interpolation of linear and rotary motion
  • Precision chuck for barrel location and clamping
  • Use of specially formulated rifling oil for optimized heat dissipation and spring back of metal
  • Mitsubishi / Siemens PLC controls with touch screen HMI
  • User friendly screens, graphing and simplified machine operation
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Item / Model BRVN12 BRVN15
Rifling Size Range .15″ – .5″ .2″ – .59″
Number of Spindles 1 1
Max. Rifling Depth 24″/40″/48″/60″ 24″/40″/48″/60″
Barrel OD Range .47″ – 2.16″ .59″ – 2.36″
Barrel Clamping System 3-Jaw Self Centering Chuck 3-Jaw Self Centering Chuck
Max. Component Weight 66 lbs. 89 lbs.
Rifling Feed Range 0 – 80″/min. 0 – 80″/min.
Rifling Pull Force (Tons) 10 12
Hydraulic Tank Capacity (Gallons) 26 26

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