CNC Lathes

Choose from a package of different configurations

  • Fanuc OiT-C Control
  • 60 Degree and 45 Degree models available
  • “Oil Field” Large Capacity Flat Bed models available
  • Chuck Diameters 8” – 40
  • Distance Between Centers 4” – 240”
  • Thru Hole Bar Capacity 4” – 20”
  • Up to 60 HP on 60 Degree Slant Beds
  • 4 Speed Gear Box in ST, HT and GT series
Live tools, bar feeder and 4 axis configurations available. To ensure precision and thermal stability the headstock, tailstock, and saddle are all mounted on the same plane at the same angle. The coolant tank is separate form the machine base to prevent heat transfer.

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Johnford SL series

The Johnford SL series is a heavy duty, high precision horizontal slant bed lathe cast from Meehanite iron. Full advantage of the 25HP spindle motor and 2 speed gear box is taken by the rigid slant bed design. Built in classic style, the true 45 degree slant bed is a torque tube design. The torque tube, or hole cast through the center of the slant bed, provides an extremely rigid bed and excellent heat dissipation. The square box ways provide the rigidity for heavy duty turning.

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MURATEC, a pioneer in twin spindle turning machines is making constant efforts to give our customers high quality, latest ttechnology, next generation twin spindle turning machines for high accuracy, high productivity and cell, customized automation requirements.

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CNC lathe-TCS serie

CNC lathe-TCS series. With finite element analysis, structure rigidity is reinforced. Non-cutting time is decreased because of quick tool changing on servo driven turret. Furthermore, chip evacuation and ergonomic are also improved. TCS series is your best choice of CNC lathe for high rigidity, high efficiency and high cost-performance rate.
?High rigidity structure
?High efficiency turning performance

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Intelligent Series from 1 – series to MiniMax

I-series and S series from Quicktech this year are being seen an advanced innovation in automation industry. Combined more unique and reliable design create the greater value and performance. These universal turning and millin complex machines open a new area of precision and reliability in woorkshops. They are ideal for producing complicated, small and single parts in high production demands.
Every second counts and we hope your new series can satisfy all application needs and offers the perfect solution for various bar mass production.

  • Flexible gantry type tooling system
  • Mitsubishi M70 high-end controller
  • Live tools with powerful motor
  • 25 bar coolant pressure
  • Free angle B axis 360 degree for all the angular tapping and drilling for some specific models.

QuickTECH i-42 / i-60 Ultimate 10-Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Centers with Dual B-Axes

QuickTECH i-42 / i-60 ROBO 4-Axis Mill/Turn Centers with Integrated 6-Axis Robot & Opt. B-Axis

QuickTECH i-42 / i-60 Twin 7-Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Centers with B-Axis

QuickTECH i-42 / i-60 Eco 4-Axis / 5-Axis Mill/Turn Centers with Tailstock

QuickTECH T8 HYBRID 9-Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Centers with Turret & B-Axis

QuickTECH S-32 ATM Compact 9-Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Centers with B-Axis & ATC
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