Metal 3D Printer 

The OPM250L is a single process machine which combines laser metal sintering and high speed milling within the same workspace, allowing users to create finished 3D printed molds within a single machine. This additive technology allows not only for improved mold cooling channels and cycle times, but also streamlines mold design, significantly reducing the number of components necessary to create a complete mold.


Wire and Sinker EDM:download

Rigid Linear Motor Driven X, Y, U, V Axis. X, Y, Z, -Axis Travels 15.75″ – 47.24″ x 11.81″ – 31.5″ x 9.84″ – 24″, U, V – Axis Travels 1.38″ – 48.03″ x 1.38″ – 32.28″ , Wire dimension range 0.0002″ ~ 0.012″ (many available options), Work Tank dimensions width up to 71.81″ depth 24.01″ Absolute Liner Scale (X, Y, Z, U and V)


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