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If large parts are what you turn, the MW400 is the machine for you. Featuring a single piece cast bed, the MW400 is a heavy-duty machine that will handle parts up to 16” diameter. The machine’s 40HP spindle, optional live tooling, heavy payload gantry loader and rigid column/turret bar construction provides the power you need to turn large parts with ultimate precision.

To offer higher productivity in a single source machine, the MW400 was designed to provide exceptional rigidity, as well as high-precision processing. Its rectangular slides and turret bar structure give it the capabilities you need for heavy-duty cutting, and its newly designed CNC controlled gantry loader is built with three axes to deliver high speeds and versatility for large parts. Additionally, the MW400 is readily equipped to allow for chips to be discharged more efficiently.

When it comes to high-precision processing and heavy-duty cutting of large parts, the MW400G is the machine for the job. Like all Murata Machinery, USA machines, it can be automated to meet your specific part requirements. Contact us today to learn more about the MW400!

MW400 Machine Specs & Technical Data
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Maximum Chuck Size 15 in
Number of Turret Stations 10 x 2
Maximum Spindle Speed 3500 rpm
Spindle Drive Motor 30 kW/30 min
Total Machine Weight (Approx.) 29101 lb
Gantry Loader Workpiece Handling Capacity (Horizontal type) Φ350 mm x 120 mm , up to 25.0kg/piece
Gantry Loader Workpiece Handling Capacity (Swivel type) Φ300 mm x 160 mm , up to 20.0kg/piece
Spindle Nose Size JIS A2-11
Spec. of Axes X-axis 20m/min, Z-axis 20m/min

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