Horizontal Machining Centers

Choose from a package of different configurations


  • X Travels 23.6” – 86.5”
  • Y Travels 22” – 63”
  • Z Travels 24.8” – 73”
  • Pallet sizes from 15.75”x 15.75” to 49” x 63”
  • Number of tools stored from 40 to 330
  • Fanuc Control
  • Spindle Speeds as low as 6000 rpm and higher
  • 60 HP Geared Head Spindle with 1000 ft-lb of Torque & 6700 ft-lb on Z-axis thrust

Toyoda’s Horizontal Machining Center Line offers the machines of choice for fast, low-cost processing of parts that can be mounted on multi-sided fixtures. Toyoda’s extensive line of horizontal machining center technology offers a wide array of sizes and features to ensure you get the most productive machining center for your applications. Most of Toyoda’s horizontal machining center line is available with high-speed or high-torque spindle options, tool changers with up to 494 pockets, and fourth or fifth axis tables. Toyoda’s application engineers are highly experienced in developing solutions that deliver enhanced performance and productivity, including automation technology solutions for lights-out production.

Toyoda offers improved rigidity with a feature unique to Toyoda spindles. It is an addiction of the four-bearing pack near the front of the unit. It reduces vibration and helps the spindle withstand higher radial forces without damage to the bearing race. It extends the life of the bearings, spindle assembly and tooling while improving machining accuracy. The method for automatic hydraulic preload on the 15,000 rpm spindle bearings is a proprietary Toyoda design. It maintains superior rigidity with consistent pressure and eliminates temperature fluctuations. Toyoda’s hydraulic preload is more reliable than the typical spring-type preload assembly. Springs are subject to damage or wear that might expose the bearings to premature failure.

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