CMM- Coordinate Measuring Machine

Choose from a package of different configurations

Zenith 3

The Zenith 3 range is the best value-for-money for the measuring volume of any CMM available in the market–the perfect affordable meteorology solution for big and heavy parts.

The Zenith 3 CNC CMM is the result of a design evolution of the award winning Zenith too range of machines, taking into account over 20 years of CMM design experience. Many of the design improvements revolve around the right leg of the machine, which has been modeled on the hugely successful Azimuth machine.

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The Xtreme is a revolutionary shop floor CNC CMM designed using a non-Cartesian structure and utilising linear motors and mechanical bearings. It is therefore an extremely robust, stand-alone inspection unit that is sold at a price that means precision measurements can now be made anywhere that you want them.

Designed using a non-Cartesian structure and utilising linear motors and mechanical bearings, as its name implies, the award-winning Xtreme CNC CMM provides a robust solution for providing precision inspection results. The unique CMM’s advantageous configuration ensures that it maintains its accuracy at very fast measurement rates and does not suffer from the accumulative inaccuracies that occur in conventional 3-axis Cartesian designs.

The Xtreme is a self-contained inspection unit. It has no air bearings, so no requirement for compressed air – just plug it in and go. Built-in temperature control and a compact footprint allow the Xtreme to be placed wherever it is needed.

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The Azimuth has the largest measuring volume in the Aberlink range. With outstanding performance, accuracy and value-for-money, it is the perfect solution for measuring parts up to 6000kg in weight.

The Azimuth CMM is not only Aberlink’s largest in their range of CMM products, but it is the culmination of over twenty years experience and excellence in the design and manufacture of innovative metrology equipment incorporating the very latest materials technology.

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HI-End articulated arms technology

Measurement Arms The only arms certified with the ISO10360?2 norm that allows the verification and the annual calibration and certification at the customer premises by the exclusive TOMELLERI procedures


The SPACE Plus and the SPACE are two portable articulated arms CMM, ideal for quick and accurate inspection of any parts within its range.

The SPACE Plus arm can be used also in combination with Laser Scanners for point cloud inspection or reverse?engineering, in 7 axis configuration. This version has some unique features like the magnetic brake, which prevent accidental fall of the arm and improved electronics for better performance. It’s the perfect equipment for touch or laser inspection and reverseengineering and is suitable also for pipe inspection with laser fork and dedicated software. It’s suitable also for pipe inspection with laser fork and dedicated software.


When you need to measure a large volume! The unique portable arm available in the worldwide market with a measuring range of 5.0m, 7.0m up to 9.0m! This is the product you need when other equipment cannot reach that large size with such incredible accuracy performance.


A new concept for portable articulated arm CMM, designed to get the best accuracy performance with the best part access thanks to its unique 5 axes design. It’s a portable CMM dedicated for precise part inspection, in quality control or any other process where a touch probe control is necessary.

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