VTX-5 Drill/Tap Center + 0B7 Cobot

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VTX-5 Drill/Tap Center + 0B7 Cobot = $99,900

Tongtai’s VTX-5 Vertical Milling & Tapping Center is a fixed column, moving table CNC machine engineered for high volume and high precision production machining. The heavy Meehanite casting provides a rigid and stable machining platform.

This machine features roller-type linear slideways to maximize rigidity and control machine motion. Class 3, 25mm (1″)-dia. ballscrews with a double nut pre-loaded design permit a standard rapid traverse rate of 2,362 IPM (60 m/min) for all axes and acceleration of 1.2G. An APS (Absolute Pulse Coder) servo system enables the machine to be started from any position. Using a 21-station turret-type tool changer, change times are 1.4 seconds tool to tool and 1.9 seconds chip to chip.

The VTX-5’s standard 7.5 HP, 12,000 RPM direct drive spindle provides rigid tap speeds up to 6,000 RPM. An optional 24,000 RPM direct drive spindle delivers high cutting speeds for aluminum and magnesium parts as well as graphite. A BBT-30 (Big Plus dual-contact) taper is standard for rigid milling. Through-spindle coolant capability is standard, as is a spindle chiller. The VTX-5 is equipped with a bed flushing system for efficient chip removal. Finally, the Mitsubishi M80A CNC control features a 10.4″ (265 mm) touch screen with intuitive smart phone type operation and is suitable for a wide range of high-speed production applications.

The OB7 Collaborative Robot from Productive Robotics is a true independent 7-axis cobot that uses a “no programming” simple teaching platform. The 7th axis gives OB7 ultimate flexibility and dexterity to reach around objects or obstacles. This eliminates having to position the OB7 in front of the machine’s door and blocking both the work area and the operator. Each of OB7’s joints can rotate 360° in both directions allowing the cobot to work in more confined work spaces and allows shops to maximize floorspace.

What’s included in the VTX-5/OB7 Package for $99,900?
  • Robot Arm
  • Software
  • Control Tablet
  • Computer
  • Control Handle
  • Backup Power Supply
  • 1-Year Hardware Warranty
  • 1-Year Free Software Upgrades
  • Rolling Robot Stand
  • Robot Work/Assembly Table
  • PRI Parallel Gripper
  • 4″ Pneumatic Air Vise
  • CleanTech 160mm chip fan with 3/4 shank
  • General equipment interface that works interchangeably on mills & lathes
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Travels:  508 x 398 x 300mmPayload: 11 lbs. / 5 Kg
Spindle Taper:  30Max. Reach:  1,000 mm (39″)

Spindle RPM:  12,000 (24K opt.)

Speed:  0 – 2+ m/sec. (cobot mode)

Turret Tools:  21

7 Axes w/± 360° (all joints)

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