TRACER Minibar

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TRACER Minibar

Hydrodynamic Magazine Bar Feeder for Fixed Headstock or Sliding Headstock CNC Lathes

  • Accepts up to 12′ long bar
  • Bar diameter capacity of .8mm to 12mm (0.031″ – 0.472″)
  • Material can be Round, Hexagonal or Square
  • Material can be Uniform or Random in length
  • Patented high wear resistance guide channel design with lifetime warranty
  • Dual anti-vibration device (1 internal, 1 external)
  • Front & rear external LED display for monitoring bar and bar feeder status
  • Automatic remnant retract
  • Right hand and left-hand versions available
  • Adjustable torque force and speed
  • Bar stock diameter adjustment without any tools
  • Fast change of guide channel set to increase productivity and decrease set up time

The TRACER Minibar Hydrodynamic Magazine Bar Feeder is an economically priced 12’ bar feeder that can be used on both fixed headstock and sliding headstock CNC lathes. Specially designed to run material from .8mm to 12mm bar with the same quality and reliability you come to expect from the TRACER series. Standard features of the Minibar Bar Feeder include removable remote control for operator convenience, dual anti-vibration devices to minimize bar whip and guarantee high RPM turning, patented guide channel design with superior sound buffering effect to reduce noise, synchronization system for Swiss type sliding headstock lathes, automatic remnant retract, and patented LED display notifying bar length and last bar. The TRACER Minibar is available in three models in either left or right hand styles.

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Model TRACER Minibar 05 TRACER Minibar 07 TRACER Minibar 12
Lathe TypeFixed Headstock / Swiss Type
Feeding DirectionLeft or Right
Bar Diameter0.8 ~ 5mm (0.031″ ~ 0.196″)0.8 ~ 7mm (0.031″ ~ 0.275″)1 ~ 12mm (0.039″ ~ 0.472″)
Bar Length3,100mm (12′)
Magazine Capacity1 ~ 7mm (0.0393″ ~ 0.275″) 35 Bars  /   7.1 ~ 12mm (0.279″ ~ 0.472″) 18 Bars
Guide Channels (mm)6813
Feeding SystemServo Motor
Air Pressure6 kgf / cm2 (70 psi)
Power Supply1 Phase – 220V – 50/60 Hz – 685W
Machine Weight400 kg (880 lbs.)

* All TRACER Hydrodynamic Magazine Bar Feeders are equipped with a “patented” TRACER LED external blue light display, on the front of the bar feeder, allowing operators visual monitoring of bar status and alarms.

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